A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V. designs and implements synthesis gas power and gas production plants for the generation of electrical and thermal energy as well as for the separation of synthesis gas components such as water or carbon (H2, CO, CH4).


We are your partner
for decentralized energy generation
based on renewable energy sources and biogenic residues.


In future, renewable raw materials and biogenic residues will make a significant contribution to a demand-oriented supply of electricity and heat. They form the basis for a functioning energy mix, which is indispensable if we want to meet the challenges of the energy turnaround.


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Global trends such as urbanisation, energy provision to rural regions against the background of climate change demand products, solutions and services for efficient and climate-neutral energy generation.

Worldwide, we are building both customised compact solutions with electrical outputs of 200 to 1000 kWel and modular base-load-capable large-scale plants of up to 10 MWel and 35 MWth.


A.H.T. Syngas Technology
decentralized - clean - adjustable
Energy from biomass and waste materials


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