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Clean gas solutions based on fossil fuels

Out of our well-engineered gas-generation and gas-conditioning processes we provide an outstanding good syngas at highest quality. At this AHT has the ability to combine a high efficient gas generator with a high efficient gas conditioning system. The result is a synthetic generated clean gas, which is ready for use in all common gas engines of any manufacturer, as well as more sophisticated burning applications. 


  Possible fuels: different types of coal
   (lignite, brown coal, hard coal, coke etc.) 

  Highly purified gas ready for usage in generators
   or highly sophisticated furnace applications

  Low-maintenance, high-efficient gas cleaning system

  Compatible to all common engine manufacturers

  Well-engineered complete system “AHT-BMKW” including
   gas-conditioning and Genset

For this application, AHT provides a wide scale of customized solutions at a range from 3 MW up to 50 MW electrical output. Furthermore we offer at mid-scale solutions the complete system of the AHT-BMKW at a range of 200 / 400 / 800 kW electric output.

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AHT F 116
AHT F 123

Reference Project Indonesia

Start of operation: 2014
Application: Clean-Gas
Feedstock: Coal
Operator: Energy provider
Location: Indonesien
Electrical usage: Feed into power network
Thermal usage: -
Plant model: AHT DV 1000
Output Power: 6 MWel


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