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Raw gas solutions

Hot gas is mainly generated for direct combustion at furnaces. In this case it is absolutely necessary, to provide a gas-generation system which generates continually the maximum of combustible gas out of its fuel.


   Possible fuels: different types of coal
    (lignite, brown coal, hard coal, coke etc.)
   Highest energetic output by gasifying fuel 


For this application, AHT provides a wide scale of solutions from 3 MW thermal output up to 50 MW thermal output.

Reference Project India

Application Hot gas
Feedstock Coal
Operator Iron mining comany
Location India
Electrical usage Feed into power network
Thermal usage Furnace application for iron pelletizing
Plant model AHT DV 1.000
Output Power 8 x 3.3 MWth = 26 MWth
Start of operation 2015


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