Today´s Energy solutions

The basis of our technology of wood and coal gas generation dates back to the abound in experience Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG. With all due respect to the art of engineering of those past years – nowadays this would be not competitive.


We have to fulfil new industry- and environmental requests. Whenever controlling or services have to be done, our engineers have optimized the overall process by using state of the art modules and technics (i.e. sensors, hard- and software optimizing, automatized processes).


Our gas generation system provides the most flexible and clean possibilities to turn fossil and renewable fuels into high class products as electricity, heat, chemicals or syngas. AHT gas generators stand out due to a high reliability level and less costs for maintenance and services. The combination of our gasifying solutions and modern CHPs enables eco-friendly power and heat generation at low emissions.


Our gas generation solutions can be used in combination with gas burners and fuel cells as well.



Efficient technology and integrated use of fuels – energy solutions of today.


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