Today´s Energy solutions

Gas Generation

Heart of the gas generation system is the twin-fire gas generator. The twin-fire process lays the foundation by combining an co-current and counter-current gas generation process for a clean process gas already during the gas generation. Unwanted tars and other pollutants are cracked in a high-temperature zone and thus largely converted into gas.


Gas Cleaning

The generated process gas is cleaned in the gas purification system to remove any remaining accompanying substances. The gas passes through a combined wet gas scrubbing and cooling system. In the final cleaning step, the remaining interfering aerosols are removed by the downstream, specially developed wet electrostatic precipitator.


Power and heat generation

The combined heat and power plant [CHP] generates electricity and heat from the purified gas. This innovative technology increases the efficiency: When the process gas is converted into electricity in the biomass power plant, CHP units achieve electrical efficiencies of over 40%, depending on the scope of application.

In addition to power generation, A.H.T. also offers dedicated hot gas solutions for industrial applications.


Waste utilisation - synthesis gas for further applications

To ensure that waste and residual materials with a high moisture content, such as liquid manure, sewage sludge or fermentation residues, can also be fed into our process, we offer preparatory stages such as carbonisation, drying and briquetting. Furthermore, we can produce synthesis gas for other processes, e.g. by separating hydrogen (H2) but also carbonaceous gases such as CO and CH4.


Efficient technology and integrated use of fuels – energy solutions of today.


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